secretly her heart is on fire ( tehcheat) wrote,
secretly her heart is on fire

w00. It's 1:30 am and I'm typing from a podium computer on the University of Hartford campus while screening Pretear. No one else is in here and I'm tired as hell. Have to drive someone tonight to a friend's place. Been doing that a few times this weekend. Was kidnapped by some webcomics and driven around Hartford. Tim Buckley is a fucking scary ass driver. And Rob Balder has renamed me Emily. He does Partially Clips and is designing the game for Sluggy Freelance. Trying to get him to send me the game as soon as it is done. Also bought WAY too much stuff this weekend. Took out $180 from the ATM and am now down to less than $25. The Uber Webcomic Panel was tonight. There was a fucking lot of comics on stage. Tim Buckley, Mookie, Pete Abrams, Brian Clevenger, Ian James Quarterly, Matt Boyd and Ian McConville, John Allison (the uber sexy one because of his english accent), Richard Stevens, Josh Mirman and a whole shitload more who would take an hour just to name them all. Think it was over 30 people. And the whole time Pete was up there he was drawing his comic. Bad Pete. Now I just really need to start reading Web comics again. Stopped a little over a year ago and haven't really been able to start reading again because of my most popular choice of reason: dial up sucks.
Alright.... Took me 20 minutes just to write this. And I'm done. Goodnight.
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